Our documents are in our home language, are they acceptable? May we translate them ourselves?

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These documents must have certified translations*:

Photo identification: many passports have English translations,

Birth certificate: a passport qualifies as a certified translation

Immunization or vaccine records and physical examination: if the names of the vaccines are noted using their Latin names and the dates are noted using Arabic numerals, they may be comprehensible in their original form

Medical records, including special education testing

Physical custody documents

These documents may be unofficially translated:

School records: report cards, progress notes, student transcripts

These documents typically come in English because their point of origin is the United States:

MCAS scores

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs): request English version from school of origin

Lease agreements

Mortgage Statements

Purchase & Sales

Car Registration & Insurance

However, in the event that you are using any of the above for school registration, and the original document is not in English, expect to be asked to provide a copy in English.

*A certified translation is completed by a professional translator. It usually comes with a mark, stamp, or seal indicating the qualifications of the translator.

Are all of these documents necessary?

Immunizations: students cannot come to school without *proof* of vaccines, if you need to work with a social worker to obtain vaccines call 617-559-4034 and leave a message.

Proof of Residency: if you do not have a long lease, please fill out the Residency Certification forms and have them notarized. Notaries are available at many banks and UPS stores. 

Photo ID or Government issued ID for parent/guardian and child: I-94s are acceptable

The above documents are absolutely required for students to begin classes.