If my child is placed in the ELL program, how will that help them?

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lementary - ages 5 through 11

There are three main ways students are helped by ELL services. All students are initially placed in general education classrooms. 

  1. An ELL teacher will teach your child in a small group with other children who are also learning English. The small group may meet in the child’s regular classroom, or in an ELL classroom. 
  2. The ELL teacher and the general education teacher will consult to ensure your child is using his or her maximum English level in the regular classroom.
  3. The ELL teacher will circulate amongst all of the ELL students in the general education classroom while the general education teacher is teaching. 


Secondary - ages 12 through 18

Students who are eligible for ELL services will have some classes taught by an ELL teacher, or co-taught by a general education teacher and an ELL teacher. Additionally, they will have some classes taught only by a general education teacher. ELL students also have classes in which they can get help on their classwork and homework from an ELL teacher.