How to Apply

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All application materials for the Ghana Exchange, including references, must be completed and submitted by November 1, 2019. To apply, please follow the instructions below:


1) Cover Letter:Carefully read the Ghana Exchange cover letter and instructions.

2) Student Application: After reading the above cover letter, please fill out the Ghana Exchange Application.
3) Parent Questionnaire: Please ask your parent to fill out this parent questionnaire.

4) Classroom Teacher References: Please send this reference link to all of your current classroom teachers (electives included) except your directed study teachers: 

5) Counselor Reference: Please send this reference link to your counselor:

6) Dean Reference: Please send this link to your dean:

7) Financial Aid Supplement:  If you wish to apply for financial aid, please ask your parent/guardians to complete the supplement here.  FAQs about financial aid are available here, and further financial aid questions can be directed to Global Programs Manager Samantha Mandel at