Do history teachers alter the Hamas Charter in any way when they teach about it?

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No. Newton Public School history teachers do not, nor have they ever, altered the Hamas Charter. As is common practice in high school history classrooms, and as is done with other lengthy historical documents, teachers do use abridged versions of primary documents. In the past, Newton South used an abridged version of the document, taken from the book The Middle East & Islamic World Reader.  At Newton North, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America senior elective course uses the unabridged version of the charter, found here:


Any time a history teacher uses a primary document, abridged or unabridged, they provide appropriate context and explanation for understanding that document. The goal is not to advocate the point of view of the document, but to understand the role that document has played in history. Related specifically to the teaching of the Hamas Charter, Newton history teachers present Hamas as a terrorist organization, which is in accordance with the opinion of the United States State Department.