Are safety procedures and protocols updated regularly?

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Yes, we regularly review our safety procedures and protocols to make sure they reflect the most recent thinking and up-to-date recommendations from federal, state, and local experts. Given recent tragic events, we have made changes to both high schools to limit access during the day.


  • Moved personnel to ensure the three major unlocked entrances are adjacent to  administrative offices
  • All doors will be locked except for the Main Entrances (Tiger Drive and Athletic Field sides) and Theater Entrance
  • All parents/families and visitors must enter through the Main Entrance doors
  • ID Fob access is being installed at several locations to allow staff only entrance


  • Identified seven main entrance points to the South campus, adjacent to main parking areas and points of access
  • All doors except for the seven main entrance points will be locked
  • Developing plans to provide ID Fob access or passcode access to several locations to allow staff only or staff/student only entrance