Being a Part of the Cultural Festival

Posted by Min Park on 5/16/2018

Tuesday marked the end of Jingshan School’s cultural festival, a school wide event with dance, music, lip-syncing performances from Jingshan School’s own students. As the Newton bounders, we were also able to participate in the Cultural Festival by performing an original dance and being the judges and MCs for the English competition.

Firstly, we were a part of the English competition which we acted as judges for the lip-syncing competition. The Jingshan students lip synced to movies in English and it was incredibly impressive and so clear that the students put massive amounts of work into it preparing for it. I was also one of the MCs of the competition, which was a cool experience as I got to introduce each group. For me, one of the groups that performed a scene from Zootopia with the sloth was the most impressive of the English competition. It was hilarious as the sloth talks really slowly, and the sound effects were really impressive as well. Many of the students’ pronunciation were incredible and for some, I couldn’t even notice that they were lip-syncing.

All of us were really excited about performing the dance. The Jingshan School invited us to perform a dance in which we choreographed and picked the music out to. We picked the music with a theme of “through the ages” in which we compiled parts of pop music that was, in our opinions, iconic of that time. For example, we chose “Girls just wanna have fun”, “Baby”, “You’re the One that I want” because we thought all of these melodies would be familiar to everyone, maybe even for the Jingshan students. Michelle and I choreographed the dance and then everyone practiced it after school almost everyday for a month. Everyone put lots of work into it, and practiced at school, home, and even during lunches. Although our dance was so much easier and simpler than all of the technique-requiring and impressive dances that were also being performed that day, we still had a lot of fun performing it.

Before we went on stage, we were all nervous and it reminded me of the ballet performances that I have done in Newton. I felt like our Newton bounders really came together by doing this dance together as we rehearsed together everyday, pushed our way through different group arguments and conflicts, and thus felt like a coherent group as we all stood on stage and performed something that caused a lot of stress and conflicts for us, as easy as the dance looked.

Most importantly, I felt that the cultural festival was very similar but unique to South’s talent show, Tertulia. Some differences that I noticed was that the Cultural Festival was a lot more formal as the MCs wore long dresses and suits, and everyone dressed up during the singing competition while Tertulia is more casual. We even mentioned that this event is like Newton South’s Prom as everyone dressed up and took pictures. Also, I felt that the whole Jingshan school was more involved in the Cultural Festival than South students were in Tertulia. I felt that Jingshan school had more spirit, in which our school struggles with. All in all, I thought it was an incredibly fun and cool experience by seeing and participating in a big event of the school.