Chorus Competition

Posted by Ariella Hatch-Tuchman on 5/16/2018

Every year the Jingshan school has an annual music and cultural festival. There's all kinds of competitions for students, singing, dancing, acting, etc. One of the events is when the classes in the school compete in a choir competition. My class asked me and the other exchange kids in my class to perform with them. And, to say the least it was a good experience.

This was a really fun event for me, but in the beginning of was also really stressful. When I first found out I would be competing in the signing competition I was really nervous, during our practicing I was even too scared to sing if I was asked to sing alone. But, after practicing a bit with just one other girl I realized that after all that practicing I did, I could effectively sing the high notes without my voice cracking. I got really excited after a while because I was less scared to sing the solo that the Americans were asked to sing.

The competition was definitely different from a US competition. Unlike the US where these kinds of things are optional for each individual person in China the entire class does it together. Sometimes this got to be an issue, especially for the people like me who were uncomfortable singing, and when we were deciding what our outfits would be (we just wore the uniform because some girls didn't want to wear a dress). But, these kinds of problems were easily resolved, they made sure everyone in their class had a say in their decisions, and overall worked really well together.


On the day of the competition everyone gathered in the auditorium, all the classes going had one song the school chose and one song of their choice. After they went they received their feedback right away from the judges, and then they got their score after the next song. At first I found this a little odd. It just seems weird to me that they would have a singing competition and the tell the kids what their singing. But I actually find it clever. To me it makes sense that they would have one song that everyone sings because then it makes it easier to score them. All in all I found this competition very unifying, it brings people together when they all commit so much time and effort to something they all really care about. I definitely think all that practicing was really rewarding in the end!