Sportsmanship Statement

Sportsmanship Statement

Our teams' grit, determination and sportsmanship on the field define the way people in our community and in the state view Newton South's athletic program. Our teams love and crave the support of our fans.


Our expectation is that our supporters, players and coaches, mirror the sportsmanship ideals of fair play and respect. This expectation is extended not only to the behaviors in the stands and playing fields but, very importantly, your interactions on social media. By pausing and checking before posting, you need to ask if you're being kind and respectful of all participants: the players, coaches, officials and fans of any school we play with.


Taunting, belittling others, and disrupting the ethos of a game is against our school and MIAA rules. When coming to a game, bring your South spirit without forgetting the core values that are the foundation of NSHS. Cheer on your team; they have achieved so much to celebrate and highlight! 


We are ONE team of players, coaches, fans, and teachers. We ALL represent Newton South.


Go Lions!