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School Buildings Closed for Remainder of School Year - 4.21.20

April 21, 2020


Dear NPS Families,


As Governor Baker announced today, schools in Massachusetts will be closed, with distance learning continuing, for the remainder of the year. As a district, we had anticipated this decision and have been planning accordingly. 


Attempting to create an entirely different way of learning in our district is incredibly hard to do. It has been heartening to see our teachers and students engaging in learning in novel ways, but we know how much they miss seeing each other in person. We hope your student(s) is feeling connected to their school, supported by our teachers, staff, and administrators, and engaged in learning experiences.  


Because we will be utilizing distance learning for the remainder of the school year, we do need to know how the experience is playing out in your home. We’re asking for your feedback through the survey linked below. It includes questions about access to class sessions and learning resources, support from teachers and staff, and communication from district and schools. You can find the survey here: 


We ask that you fill out a survey for each student as we know student experiences differ across grade levels.


In addition to adjusting and refining our distance learning plan, we are also planning for both the end of the year and the fall. In the short-term, we are planning to address year-end events and gatherings that would usually occur, most notably graduation for our high school seniors. For the fall, we are engaged in curriculum planning for content that will not be covered this year, as well as operational planning to address potential ongoing public health considerations.  


We appreciate your flexibility and your patience as we continue to figure out the best way to meet the varying needs of our students and families during this unprecedented time. I hope you and your family stay well. 



David Fleishman

Superintendent of Schools


Translated versions are provided through Google Translate and may contain awkward phrasing and structure. 

學校關閉和遠程學習調查:  Chinese Translation

סקר סגירת בית ספר ולמידה מרחוק: Hebrew Translation

学校閉鎖と遠隔学習調査:  Japanese Translation

학교 폐쇄 및 원격 학습 설문 조사:  Korean Translation

Inquérito ao Encerramento e Ensino à Distância:  Portuguese Translation

Encuesta de cierre escolar y aprendizaje a distancia:  Spanish Translation

Исследование закрытия школ и дистанционного обучения:  Russian Translation