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Return to Learn Plan - 8.10.20

Dear NPS Families,

Last night at the School Committee meeting, the district presented our Return to Learn plan for the fall. The School Committee presentation can be found by following this link.

The plan provides provides NPS families with proposed schedules for both a hybrid and a distance learning model. Given the anticipated need to move between hybrid and distance in the course of the year, it is important for the communtiy to understand how we propose to move quickly and seamlessly between the two models. The proposed schedules are contingent upon working collabortively with our faculty and staff to create plans that address the health, safety, and educational components of these models.

Last night, I recommended to our School Committee that we begin the year in a split hybrid model. This recommendation is based upon the fact that the current transmission rate in Massachusetts is low and it is even lower in Newton. We believe that it is advantageous to give students the opportunity to meet their teacher(s) at the start of the year.

While our recommendation to the School Committee is to begin with a hybrid model, we are mindful of the public health data that may change our recommendation. The School Committee will vote on this recommendation at their Wednesday, August 12 meeting at 8:00 a.m. A survey will be sent to you after tomorrow's vote asking you what your plan is for your student(s) in the fall.

We have complex work ahead of us and I am committed to working with our educators, our families, our students, and our community partners to provide a strong and solid educational program during this challenging time. Please visit our website for more information at


David Fleishman
Superintendent of Schools

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