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New Food Service Partner!

We are excited to announce the selection of Whitsons Culinary Group as our new partner in food service here in the Newton Public Schools. The tasty and nutritious menus proposed by Whitsons, together with their commitment to sustainable food and environmental practices, made them the top choice for our district.


Whitsons was selected after a thorough and thoughtful evaluation selection process. NPS administrators, together with parents, students, staff, and community members participated in the process, carefully reviewing and evaluating services proposed.


NPS has a challenging food service environment given the access to and placement of kitchen facilities in our school buildings. As our prior food service partner, Whitsons understands the challenges and has developed strategies to address them. We believe they are the best prepared to deliver appetizing and delicious meals to students throughout our district.


This fall, we can look forward to a variety of menu options featuring wholesome, natural ingredients, sourced in part from local vendors. Meals will include organic, vegetarian, and allergen-free options with fun and exciting presentations, especially for our youngest students. The menu will even feature the return of locally branded pizza once a week! (Though it will need to conform to FDA guidelines for school lunch.)


We are particularly excited about Whitsons’ commitment to sustainability and the environment. They propose to focus on food waste reduction, recycling, and container re-use. These efforts fit nicely with the City of Newton's commitment to reducing our collective environmental impact.


We will share more with you as the new school year approaches and hope you will join us in welcoming Whitsons to the Newton Public Schools.



Liam Hurley

Assistant Superintendent/Chief Financial and Administrative Officer


Stephen Marshall

Grants and Business Analyst