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Update on Lincoln-Eliot School Renovation

As you may remember, the district’s long-term strategic plan recommends that the recently acquired Aquinas College building be renovated for Lincoln-Eliot. Last spring, the City and the district submitted a “Statement of Interest” to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). This is always the first step in partnering with the state on the project. If the project is accepted by MSBA, the state then becomes a partner and provides substantial funding for the project.


We recently learned that the MSBA did not accept the Lincoln-Eliot project into its process for this year. This is not unusual as MSBA receives hundreds of applications from districts in need across the state and it can often take more than one attempt to be accepted. We have been encouraged to apply again and will do so this spring.


In collaboration with the City, the district is constantly updating and revising its building plans and will adjust its strategy given this outcome. We will continue to keep you updated as the plans evolve. Please know that the City and school department remain committed to the Lincoln-Eliot project and will continue to advance it as quickly as possible within the larger strategic plan. For more information on the long-term plans and school building projects, please visit: