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How to Register for 2020 AP Exams

Registration for 2020 AP exams is underway at Newton South.

  1. Students who wish to take an AP exam must have an account with the College Board in order to register for an exam.

  2. Students who are enrolled in an AP class will receive a Join Code from the teacher that they will use to register after logging in to their College Board account.

  3. Students who are not enrolled in an AP class but wish to take the exam, or who wish to take an exam for a course not offered at South must contact Mrs. Price in order to receive a Join Code. Contact Mrs. Price at

  4. Not all exams will be offered at Newton South.

  5. All students should register for AP exams by November 1, 2019.

  6. The cost of each exam is $100. Checks for the total amount should be made out to Newton South High School with AP on the memo line.

  7. Payment will be collected in the cafeteria during lunch blocks on Monday, November 4; Tuesday, November 5; and Tuesday, November 12.

  8. Students who may need a fee waiver should speak with their counselor as soon as possible.

  9. Fee waivers are not available for students simply because they are taking numerous exams.

  10. Mrs. Price will send in the final order on November 14, 2019 at 3:30 PM.

  11. It is possible to order an exam after November 14. However, there is a College Board late fee of $40 per exam.

  12. If you cancel after November 15th, there is a College Board cancellation fee of $40 per exam, even if you have not yet paid for the exam(s).

  13. Refunds are made if students contact Mrs. Price via email prior to the start of an exam that they will not be taking. Refund checks are made out to parents/guardians, not students, and are mailed home in June, near the end of the school year.

  14. Important Change for 2020: Only students who registered for an AP exam may take it. No extra exams will be ordered. If there is an extra exam on exam day for a particular subject, because that student is ill, for example, the exam may not be used by any other student. It will be returned to the College Board, unused, per their request.