Middle School Program

  • Visual art, music, and drama instruction in the middle schools is offered on rotating and elective class schedules. During the course of the three years, all students will have had the opportunity to receive instruction in each art form.

    In addition to the classroom instruction, each school offers a variety of other arts related activities for student participation. Many of these activities are supported by the Triple E Program which is an after school enrichment program. Other activities such as orchestra, chorus and band are part of the planned instruction program and they are conducted by assigned music specialists.

    Music students in the grades 7 & 8 are also given the opportunity to audition for the JR. District Music festival (vocal and instrumental) sponsored by the Massachusetts Music Educators Association. Music teachers may also choose to bring their student performance ensembles to other music festivals and competitions at their discretion. Visual Art students in grade 7 & 8 will have the opportunity to submit artwork to the Boston Globe Scholastic Art competition upon the recommendation of their visual art teacher. Middle school drama programs may elect to bring a 30-minute play to the Middle School Drama Festival sponsored by the Massachusetts High School Drama Guild.
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