Elementary Art & Music Program Overview

  • Elementary students receive visual art instruction from visual art specialists who are assigned to each school. The instruction is conducted in designated art classrooms. Each student (K-5) receives a minimum of 45 minutes of art instruction per week (1st & 2nd grade 50 min.). In addition, the visual art specialists are available to work with students and teachers on limited special projects. The visual art instruction is focused on providing students with experiences in a variety of visual art media and techniques while developing artistic skills. Students are also given learning experiences which are designed to increase their knowledge of art history and to develop art appreciation.

    Music instruction in the elementary schools is conducted by music specialists who are assigned to each school. Each school offers general, vocal and instrumental music instruction. Students in grades K-2 & 4-5 receive 30 minutes of general music instruction per week. During this instruction, students are taught fundamentals of music through a sequential curriculum, which develops skills and knowledge in music performance, appreciation and history. Students in third grade receive 45 minutes of general music instruction each week in a curriculum that also introduces students to the recorder. Students in the fourth and fifth grades participate in mandatory choral groups. The scheduling of the choral groups is planned by the individual school. All choral performing groups are conducted by the music specialist with the aid of paid piano accompanists.

    Students in all elementary schools may also elect to participate in the Elementary Instrumental Music Lesson Program, a fee-based enrichment program offering beginning group lessons during the school day. Fourth grade students across the district may elect a band instrument and many schools also offer group lessons on string instruments. Students provide their own instruments. Financial assistance is available and scholarship instruments are available on a limited basis. Fifth grade students who continue to play their instrument may elect to participate in the band or orchestra class at their school and an annual participation fee applies. This rehearsal/performance class meets once a week and performs a winter and end of year concert with other performance opportunities as determined by the individual school. Scheduling of fourth grade lessons and performance groups varies by school and is completed by staff members in cooperation with classroom teachers and principals. Annual musical productions are mounted in many elementary schools with the music specialists, classroom teachers and PTOs taking active roles.