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  • The Department of Teaching & Learning is responsible for envisioning, planning, and directing the implementation of curriculum and instruction, assessment, and professional learning.  In addition to Curriculum Coordinators, each of whom specializes in a specific content area, our department includes Home Education, English Language Learning Program, Newton METCO, the Creative Arts Program, the Calculus Project, Instructional Coaches, Newton School Volunteers, and the new teacher induction and mentoring program.

    Together Curriculum Coordinators and High School Department Heads are responsible for:

    • Aligning Newton Public Schools’ curriculum to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks incorporating the Common Core State Standards for mathematics and English Language Arts, and the Next Generation Science Standards.
    • Aligning curriculum to research-based, nationally vetted standards in addition to Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks as appropriate.
    • Ensuring that skills, concepts and topics build sequentially from one grade to the next.
    • Reviewing programs and practices to ensure efficacy and to reflect current research
    • Supplying unit designs, lesson plans, instructional materials, assessments, and specialized materials so that each teacher is well equipped to guide all students to mastery of curriculum content. 
    • Organizing and delivering professional learning for teachers and support staff
    • Enhancing teachers’ expertise by providing multiple opportunities for teacher collaboration across schools, through professional development experiences and curriculum development work.
    • Guiding and supporting teachers and administrators in the implementation of research-based instructional practices
    • Collaborating with Special Educators and teachers of English Language Learners to ensure maximum accessibility for student. 
    • Reviewing multiple data sources for evidence of the efficacy of our curriculum and instruction, and making appropriate adjustments.
    • Supervising and evaluating teachers in either a primary or supporting role
    • Providing leadership and curriculum and instructional perspective on district, inter-district, and state committees and advisory boards

    As educators committed to equity and excellence, we value:
    • Effective Curricular and Instructional Practices
    • Growth Mindset
    • Educating the Whole Child
    • Cultural Proficiency


    Together, coordinators, teachers and administrators actively cultivate a culture of equity and excellence by creating and sustaining curriculum and instructional practices that lead to high quality learning for each and every student.

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