Science, Technology & Engineering

  • The Science, Technology & Engineering Department offers students opportunities to explore the physical and biological world through a balance of student-centered, hands-on learning experiences, experimentation, collaboration, and more traditional classroom experiences. Emphasis is placed on how science develops explanations while students explore the content. Scientific inquiry and creative problem solving are central as students develop their ability to think critically about the behavior of the physical and biological world, and to build reasoned arguments based on observable data. First year survey courses in physics, chemistry, and biology are offered as the foundations for electives that explore more specific topics. AP courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science are offered as second year coursework that follow a full-year, laboratory-based course. Additional second year electives are offered at multiple levels so that all students can explore an area of curiosity or pursue a future area of study. Our elective offerings include Organic Chemistry, Biotechnology, Physics & Music, Biotechnology, Marine Science, Neurobiology, Astronomy, Anatomy & Physiology, etc.

    Students may also explore Tech Ed and Engineering electives that afford them the chance to experience applications of science. Tech Ed and Engineering courses offer students the chance to learn through designing, building, revising, and collaborating on both teacher and student-directed projects. The real-world, practical experiences are designed to carry over into students’ future pursuits as critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and well-informed consumers. Recently added is the Engineering Certificate sequence, through which students can engage in a longitudinal study of engineering throughout their high school careers, culminating with a student-driven capstone build in their Senior year.

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