Fine & Performing Arts

  • Newton South offers the opportunity for students to earn a Fine & Performing Arts Certificate demonstrating a commitment to an in- depth and diverse study of the Arts. Students who wish to commit to this program will enroll in a sequence of art, music, and/or theatre classes starting in 9th grade that specialize in one discipline. This certificate also has an expectation of exploration outside of your chosen discipline and a commitment to community service. Applications for the certificate will be reviewed and awarded in the fall of senior year.

    • Visual Art Certificate – 36 Visual Arts Credits, 12 additional credits in any F&PA class & a demonstrated commitment to community service.
    • Music Certificate – 36 Music Credits, 12 additional credits in any F&PA class (performance classes preferred) & a demonstrated commitment to community service.
    • Theatre Certificate - 24 Credits, 12 additional credits in any F&PA class & a demonstrated commitment to community service.


    Classes in the Visual Arts make the lives of students ever more fascinating by inspiring a determination to develop the skills, curiosity, and courage to give voice to their artistic vision. Our curriculum enables kids to develop the technical and imaginative skills to become active participants in our creative community and beyond.


    South Music offers a wide variety of courses for beginning or experienced musicians. Students are encouraged to pair two courses together to build a breadth of experience and depth of study. Don’t play an instrument yet? Courses like Music Technology are rewarding starting points. Entry into Honors sections requires the approval of the instructor. Honors sections of performance ensembles include the completion of two projects per semester as specified by the instructor, as well as an additional meeting once per week.


    Theatre Arts classes have something for everyone and can be accessed at any grade level. The Acting Foundations course is the gateway to upper-level acting classes and a great place for freshmen and sophomores to start. After Acting Foundations, upper-level theatre courses will meet on a yearly rotation basis and offer older students various entry points in the curriculum.

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