English Language Learners

  • The English Language Learning (ELL) courses are offered for students for whom English is not a first language. Placement in these courses is determined based on previous schooling as well as a score on the WIDA Screener Placement Test. Results of the assessment are used to determine a student’s English proficiency level and course placement. All courses listed below should be chosen in consultation with ELL staff.

    The ELL Department offers a strong program of academic and English language development courses. These courses have been developed to align with WIDA standards for English development and can be taken in place of a class offered by the English or History Departments. Content area courses are also taught in English using sheltered techniques.

    Students are required to take an English course each of their four years at Newton South in order to meet the twenty-credit requirement. The English courses offered through the ELL Department have students enrolled from across grade levels, since courses are leveled by English proficiency. Five levels of English as a Second Language, ranging from emerging to bridging, are offered. These courses provide rigorous high school level curricula while developing proficiency in all four areas of the English language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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