Mathematics & Computer Science


  • Courses in the Mathematics Department emphasize skill and concept development. Most courses integrate the study of Algebra, Geometry, Probability, and Data Analysis. Different courses are offered to address different learning styles, skill levels and interests. New registrants take a placement test upon registration to designate appropriate placement in courses. Students in Newton Public Schools go through a placement process at their respective middle schools. It is expected that students in Grade 9 take a Math 1 course and progress through Math 2-4. Deviations from this sequence are not permitted. Placement for students progressing to grades 10-12 is based on prerequisite content knowledge as determined by previous performance in courses, or, in the case of students new to the school, a placement exam. There are opportunities to access courses at different curriculum levels (CP, ACP, Accelerated, and Honors) depending on student skill development and mastery.

    Honors courses are appropriate for students with a high degree of interest in mathematics, have demonstrated exceptional understanding of mathematical concepts and skills, and are able to think abstractly and solve problems with a high degree of independence. Advanced College Prep courses at the accelerated level (designated with “Acc”) are appropriate for students that have demonstrated a strong understanding of previous mathematical concepts, can think abstractly, and are able to work through problems with only occasional assistance. Advanced College Prep (ACP) courses provide students with more time on individual topics than the ACP Acc course and include more guided instruction when solving more complex problems. College Preparatory courses provide a more structured learning environment with additional support and time on each topic of study.

    The da Vinci Program integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Art over multiple years. It is a multi- level course offering for 10th and 11th grade students along with a senior year STEAM project.

Computer Science

  • Computer Science courses are elective courses offered through the Mathematics Department. These courses will only run if enrollment and staffing allocations are sufficient. These courses do not satisfy the mathematics requirements for graduation. Note: Home access to a reasonably recent Mac or Windows PC is required for all honors courses. A Mac/PC laptop is helpful, but not required. If you require assistance in this area, please contact the Mathematics & Computer Science Department Head for options.

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