Elementary Education

  • Welcome to the Elementary Education Department!

    Elementary school is an exciting time in a child's educational journey. As students progress from Kindergarten through Grade 5 in the Newton Public Schools (NPS), the elementary experience in each of our fifteen elementary schools is designed to support them in developing a strong foundation of academic and social emotional skills and to foster curiosity, perseverance, and solid connections with peers and adults along the way. 

    NPS is committed to ensuring that every child experiences a sense of belonging, joy, challenge, and engagement in our schools.  Creating inclusive and supportive school communities in which all students feel welcomed, valued, and respected is a vital priority. Every child deserves an elementary school atmosphere that enables them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.  Within each school, our elementary teams focus on providing warm, welcoming, and responsive learning environments, engaging instruction, and relevant and rigorous curriculum to support our students’ learning.. 

    Providing a positive and responsive elementary experience takes a team of talented and skilled educators.  Collaboration among school team members with varied expertise and training is essential to supporting our students’ learning needs.  Educators routinely work together to examine relevant grade level expectations, plan meaningful lessons, analyze assessment data to monitor student progress, and provide intervention and enrichment opportunities tailored to students’ needs. Recognizing the vital role of our educators, NPS offers regular professional development opportunities to support their continued learning and growth.

    Parents/guardians are essential members of our students’ support teams, as well, and we recognize that collaboration between home and school is vital in fostering each child’s growth and development. Strong relationships with all of our families is our goal, and your questions, concerns, and ideas are always welcome. 

    In the weeks and months ahead, we plan to update this site further to include valuable resources, information, and updates related to Elementary Education in the Newton Public Schools.  As always, however, we encourage current families to reach out to your child’s school with any questions.  

    If you are moving to Newton and have questions about our elementary schools, you may feel free to contact the Elementary Education Office by emailing registration@newton.k12.ma.us or calling 617-559-6105.  

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