High School In-Person Working Group News

  • On December 2, the Newton School Committee voted to support the transition of the high school learning model to hybrid HyFlex. Please visit this page for details and timelines: High School Transition to HyFlex Learning Model page.


    November 20 - Email Update

    Please see this Nov. 20 email message to families. It includes details on the proposed HyFlex hybrid model, as well as a possible timeline for implementation. The School Committee will vote on the proposed recommendation on December 2.

    November 17 - Email Update - Draft Recommendation

    Please see this Nov. 17 email message to families. It includes a summary of the draft recommendation for expansion of in-person learning at the high schools. Here is the presentation of the draft recommendation to the School Committee from November 16. 

    November 13 - Email update

    Please see this Nov. 13 email message to families. The update includes information on research on other districts, as well as information on the School Committee meeting on Nov. 16 at which a draft recommendation will be presented for discussion.

    November 6 - Email Update

    Please see this Nov. 6 email message to families. The update includes preliminary survey results, a description of student focus groups, and overview of research on other districts.

    October 30 - Email Update

    Please see this Oct. 30 email message to families for the most recent update from the working group. Work this week included survey distribution, student focus groups, preliminary research on other districts, and obstacle assessment. 

    October 26 - Email Update

    Please complete the family survey sent via email on Oct. 26th to provide feedback on in-person learning at both high schools. The survey links can be found in this link: Oct. 26 email message to familiesThe survey is due by 11:59 p.m. on November 1. If you did not receive a survey link, please email community@newton.k12.ma.us to receive a link to the survey.

    October 23 - Email Update

    On Oct. 23, the High School Planning Working Group shared an update email. Please watch your email for a survey that will be sent to families. The full email can be found by following this link: Oct. 23 email message to high school families. 

    October 16 - Email Update

    On Oct. 16, the High School Planning Working Group shared an email with information on its process to date. You can find the email here. A full update on the work of the committee was shared at the October 19th School Committee meeting. The presentation is linked here.

Background Information

  • This presentation linked below, Obstacles to Hybrid Implementation, captures the exploration done in summer 2020 to determine the feasibility of the hybrid model for the 2020-21 school year. This presentation was shared so the working group and larger NPS community understands the barriers that must be addressed in order to implement an in-person hybrid model.

Survey Data (Past and Current) & Focus Groups

Other Districts

High School Working Group Members

  • Toby Romer - Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education

    Claire Sokoloff - Facilitator, Former School Committee Chair

    Emily Prenner - School Committee Representative

    Henry Turner - Principal, NNHS

    Mark Aronson - Interim Principal, NSHS

    Lisa Langone - Director of Secondary Special Education

    Janna Lacatell - NNHS PTSO Representative

    May Chiu - NSHS PTSO Representative

    Leslie Gant - METCO Family Representative

    Rajeev Parlikar - SEPAC Representative 

    Melinda Brown - Distance-Only Family Representative

    Isaac Tang - NNHS Student Representative

    Jayla Reilly - NSHS Student Representative

    Beth Cronin - NNHS Faculty Member Representative

    Joe Golding - NSHS Faculty Member Representative

    Meaghan Martin - High School Administrator Representative

    NTA Representative invited (declined)