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    Spring fees are due on registration

    Please contact us if

    you need financial assistance

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    Impact Testing Information

    Incoming Freshmen & Rising Juniors need to take Impact Testing.

    Please contact our ATC, Adam Hryniewicz for information


    Impact Baseline Test


    Student-Athlete Survey

    Please complete the survey to give us feedback about

    your athletic experience at Newton South.

    Please fill one survey per sport you played at South this year.

    Thank you for helping us to improve our programs.

     Student-Athlete Survey





    NPS-Communication Protocol-COVID 19

      • Tuesday, May 11

    Boys JV Volleyball vs LS- 5 PM


    Boys Varsity Volleyball vs LS-6:30 PM



    NPS has made the decision to MANDATE TESTING for all high school extracurricular activities. This is a mandate not only for students participating in athletics but for any students participating in in-person extracurricular activities.

    If your student participates in any in-person extracurricular activity, they must be enrolled and participate weekly in our pool testing program. Here are the steps to enroll:

    1. Complete the opt-in in Aspen (here’s the link)
    2. High school students then create an account at JCM (do it here) for access to a QR code they use to check in their sample. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL MONDAY, APRIL 26 TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITH JCM.

    If your student is not already enrolled, please complete the consent form by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 25th. Data will be uploaded to JCM on Sunday evening. Students will then begin participation the week of April 26th.

    Testing dates:(Updated 4/16)

    1. Mondays, B Block (lunch block) 10:45 am – 12:55 pm in the Faculty Dining Room, located next to the cafeteria in the hallway near the lecture hall—AVAILABLE FOR ALL IN-BUILDING STUDENTS
    • Tuesdays, B Block (lunch block) 10:45 – 12:55 pm in the Faculty Dining Room, located next to the cafeteria in the hallway near the lecture hall—AVAILABLE FOR ALL IN-BUILDING STUDENTS
    • Tuesdays, Flex Block (3:10 – 3:55 pm) in the Faculty Dining Room, located next to the cafeteria in the hallway near the lecture hall–designed for students who are distance learning who are involved in extracurricular activities regularly at South
    • As a way to incentivize participation in the pool testing program, NS have purchased Dunkin’ gift cards that we have then placed into random test kits. When students come to submit a test and pick up another test for the following week, they may be among the lucky winners who pick up a kit that contains a gift card. Another reason to  SIGN UP FOR TESTING IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!
    The Dual County League voted to confirm sports participation in the Spring 2021 season as approved by the recent guidelines established by the EEA, DESE, and MIAA.  
    *All sports listed and current decisions are subject to change" 
      Due to Covid protocols, there will be not rolling  enrollment for non-cut sports this season

    We ask that all families hoping to participate in Spring sports make sure their child/children are prepared with a current in-person physical from the last thirteen months.  Per the Department of Public Health, telehealth appointments are not acceptable for student-athletes.

    We had linked the document provided by the Commonwealth regarding physicals for your review.

     To-do list for the week: All athletes should prepare their Gym bags as described in this link. Please carry extra masks and hand sanitizer. Find the biggest water-jar you can carry to bring to practice. Remember that they are not refilling fountains available.

     NSHS COVID coach for Spring is Mr. Patrick Jordan Quern. You can reach him at jordanquernp@newton.k12.ma.us if you have COVID related questions.

    As we continue to try to navigate uncharted territory, many things remain outside our control.  The things we can control include being kind and supportive to one another; doing our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19; and being patient with each other as we participate in the re-opening of the state, schools, and athletics.

    We will all get through this, as long as we work together as one team.  

    Thank you, 

    Pat Gonzalez, Director of Athletics