Physical Education, Health and Wellness

  • physeddept
  • Shannon Komow
    Curriculum Coordinator K-8
  • Patricia Rivero Gonzalez
    Department Head
    Newton South High School 
  • Vision Statement: Strive to become an exemplary K-12 program providing an integrated wellness-based philosophy to physical education and health. 

    The purpose of the Physical Education, Health and Wellness Department of the Newton Public Schools is to enhance the wellbeing of the school community by creating a culture that integrates and balances the six dimensions of wellness: social/environmental, physical, intellectual, career/occupational, emotional and spiritual. The department strives to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle, positive choices and student centeredness, which will provide each student with a diverse education in a safe supportive environment. It is the hope that this mission will help to promote self-responsibility, motivation and excellence in learning as well as life-long commitment to wellness.