• All Newton South students are required to complete five credits in Wellness in order to graduate. Ninth and tenth grade students are enrolled in core Wellness classes. Eleventh and twelfth grade are required to complete two capstone courses, one in each year. Capstone courses include Stress Management, Yoga/Pilates, Project Adventure, Sports Nutrition, Personal Fitness, and Global Games.

    The Wellness Department encourages students to take courses beyond the minimum requirement to add balance throughout their academic day.


    Hello Lions!

    We hope that you and your families are doing well during this challenging time. We are here to help you to find engaging, healthy and fun activities to do while away from school. You are not required to complete this work. Yout wellness teachers are available to support your work and they would like your feedback. Use the tools that they are sharing with you in Schoology to connect.

    Below you will see  NSHS Wellness department offerings. You will also receive this information directly from your teachers in Schoology. 

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