• The World Language Department offers programs in Chinese, French, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. The richness and variety of these offerings encourage many students to study more than one language. The ultimate purpose of all language courses is communicative proficiency, a goal requiring commitment over time. To this end, the department recommends that students pursue the study of at least one world language through the upper levels, including level 5, where it is offered.



    Helena Alfonzo (Spanish)
    Erika Chin (Spanish)

    Jill Christensen (Russian, Spanish)
    Ricardo Gessa (Spanish)
    Deborah Hahn (French)
    Cathy Hammond (French)
    Jennifer Hee (Spanish)
    Peter Hershon (ASL)
    Michael Jenkins (French)
    Mary Ann Price
    Myrna Watkins (Latin)
    Maureen Maher (Spanish)
    Cynthia Manthei (Spanish)
    Jane Monahan (Spanish) 
    Margot Murphy (French) 
    Daniel Orazio (Latin)
    Daniel Panero (Spanish)
    Eva Gerena (Spanish) 
    Stephanie Pavao (Spanish)
    Viviana Planine (Spanish)
    Yihua Qin (Chinese)
    Lan Lan Sheng-Chen (Chinese)
    Marla Wiener (Spanish)
    Lijian Zhao (Chinese)