• Science, Technical Education, and Engineering

    Gerard Gagnon

     Gerry Gagnon

     Department Head

    The science department offers students an opportunity to explore the physical and biological world at a level and intensity appropriate to his or her interest. We recognize that it is as important for students to experience how science develops explanations, as it is to master the content of a given course. Therefore, laboratory investigations are an important part of our courses. Survey courses in physics, chemistry, and biology are offered as well as electives that explore more specific topics. Advanced Placement courses are offered in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, and Physics (C), and are available to students who have completed a full-year, lab-based foundational course.

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A Baby Skate Recently Born in our Aquarium
  • During this challenging time, all teachers are reaching out to students using Schoology.  Teachers will be sharing learning plans and schedules on that platform, so students and families can access course materials.

    For examples of learning plans, please use this link.



    Learning Plans for 4/13-4/17