• Mathematics 1 Textbook
  • Math 2 Resources
  • The Mathematics Department offers a wide range of courses in mathematics along with courses in computer programming. In all of our courses we strive to develop a student's ability to:

    • Communicate mathematics with others using appropriate mathematical notation and terminology
    • Recognize and use patterns to make conjectures and generalizations
    • Use the tools of mathematics to build models for exploring relationships (both applied and theoretical)
    • Learn to use mathematics to help make informed decisions and to solve problems in a variety of contexts and disciplines, in future careers and in daily life.
    • Use logical reasoning to justify solutions to problems and to prove conjectures mathematically

    Courses are offered at the Honors (H), Advanced College Prep Accelerated (ACP Acc), Advanced College Prep (ACP), and College Prep (CP). All courses are designed to prepare students for college should that be the pathway the students decide on upon graduation. Please see the program of studies for more information about individual offerings.