•   During School Program

    Teacher: Ms. Deschaines, Room 228
    When: Days 3 - Extension 2 & 3 
    The Oak Hill GSA seeks to: Provide a welcoming space for all people, Help the Oak Hill community become more LGBTQ friendly by planning and participating in special events (rainbow day, ally week, day of silence, GLSEN conference, etc.), Discuss queer representation in literature and media and how it relates to the experience of LGBTQ middle school students.

    Hebrew Club
    Teacher: Ms. Cohen, 223 Library
    When: Day 5 - Extension 1
    This club provides an opportunity for Hebrew speakers to talk and play games in Hebrew. All students who want to speak in Hebrew and make new friends are welcome!


    Batman Lunch

    Teacher: Mr. Butler, Room 206

    When: Day 3 - Extension 1

    Do you like superheroes? Want to talk with other friends and watch super hero shows? Join us at Batman lunch! 


    Story Lunch

    Teacher: Mr. Janow, Room 251 & Ms. Simpson, Room 243
    When/Where: Days 3 & 5, extension 1 
    It is a tradition at Oak Hill. Every day 3 (Ms. Simpson's room) and day 5 (Mr. Janow's room)  a like-minded group of sixth graders gather  to enjoy a quiet lunch accompanied by a wonderful book read aloud. Many students find it a welcome refuge from the noise and bustle of the cafe.
    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yearbook

    Teacher: Ms. Burleigh, Room 235
    When: various extensions 
    Student photographers are encouraged to chronicle the Oak Hill school year by taking photos during extensions and at school events. Yearbook kicks off in October. See Ms. Burleigh in the library rm. 235 with any questions!

    Kindness Ambassadors Club
    Teachers: Ms. Stewart and Dr. McKenna, Room 235
    When: Day 4 - Extension 2 and 3
    What: The Kindness Ambassadors goals include:
    -To bring everyone at our school together in a cooperative, caring way.
    -To remind everyone to look for the good in people and praise it - all the time!
    -To encourage every person in our school to perform random acts of kindness.
    -To build self-esteem and raise school morale by showing every person at our school that he or she really can make a difference. 
    Trivia Lunch
    Throwback Games
    Illustration Club
    Youtube Lunch
    Puzzle Lunch
    Anime Lunch
    Walking Lunch
    K-Pop Club