• Newton South High School is proud to offer over 100 clubs and activities for students to join each year!

    For ease of students' acquiring as much information in one place as possible and for the maximum promotion of each club, all specific club information will "live" in the following Google document: 

    Newton South 2021-22 Clubs and Activities

    * As new clubs form and are approved throughout the year, they will be added to this Google document so please bookmark it for future reference* 


    Note: Clubs listed on the Google directory page are inclusive of all Newton South High School affiliated clubs. If the activity in which your child is participating is NOT listed on the Clubs Directory page, that activity is in no way under the supervision control or guidance of the Newton Public Schools, or any NPS employee, agent or representative.


    General Info:

    • If you would like to start a new club or reactivate an inactive club, you must set up an appointment to meet with the student activities coordinator, Mr. Hardiman, at: hardimanc.youcanbook.me in order to receive the appropriate forms. Mr. Hardiman is located in Office 1218 on the second floor of Goldrick House.
    • Club student leaders or faculty advisors should report any inaccurate club information to hardimanc@newton.k12.ma.us.
    • If you have any questions about a specific club, please contact the listed faculty advisor(s) assigned to that club.
    •  If you have any GENERAL questions about clubs/activities at South, please email Mr. Hardiman: hardimanc@newton.k12.ma.us.


    Clubs and Supervision:

    There are normally two types of clubs which are distinguished by supervisory aspects (see below). During remote learning during the 2020-21 school year, ALL clubs were deemed "partially supervised". With in-person learning for all students resuming in September, some clubs may again meet the criteria for "fully supervised" clubs. Once this information is established and confirmed, the supervisory status of each club will be indicated on the above clubs Google document AND there will be corresponding Family ID sign up links (one for "fully supervised clubs" and one for "partially supervised clubs") on the same document. ALL students who join clubs need to sign up on Family ID each school year (exceptions: Speech & Debate and Gender & Sexuality Awareness). 

    FULLY SUPERVISED Clubs and Activities

    • Faculty member as advisor
    • Supervised meetings and activities at Newton South High School by the faculty advisor/NPS employee
    • May also have activities off of the school campus and these activities are supervised by the faculty advisor/NPS employee


    PARTIALLY SUPERVISED Clubs and Activities

    • Faculty member as advisor
    • Must have at least some meetings at Newton South High School and these meetings are to be supervised by the faculty advisor/NPS employee
    • Have non-school sponsored activities off of the school campus that are NOT supervised by a faculty member, agent or representative of NPS