From the Nurse's Office

  • Day Middle School is a latex-free school. We take every precaution to ensure that materials provided to students contain no latex. For more information, see the American Latex Allergy Association and its list of school products.

    Please visit the Newton Health Department website for general information such as immunization requirements, medication information, etc.

    Health Office Updates

    December 2013: Postural Screening and Body Mass Index Screening

    Head Injuries and Concussions

    Student athletes and their families should read this overview to learn more about state regulations regarding concussions and head injuries. The following forms will assist parents and staff to document an athlete's health and his or her ability to participate in extracurricular sports.

    Concussion Pre-participation Form

    Parent/Guardian Report of Head Injury during Sports Season

    Coach/Trainer Report of Head Injury during Sports Season

    Post Sports-related Head Injury Medical Clearance

    Post-concussion Graduated Reentry Academic Plan