The Bigelow Middle School community strives to create and provide children with a safe and comfortable environment wherein they will develop RESPECT for self and others, a sense of RESPONSIBILITY for oneself and community, and a LOVE OF LEARNING.


    * Accept and appreciate human differences
    * Acknowledge and appreciate different learning styles
    * Value the rights and property of others
    * Encourage others to express opinions, take risks and meet challenges
    * Value the contributions and efforts of everyone
    * Demonstrate respect, kindness and a sense of responsibility towards others and oneself


    * Accept responsibility for one's own actions
    * Treat oneself and others with respect
    * Cooperate with others to reach common goals
    * Acknowledge obligations to the community and environment
    * Maintain clear behavioral expectations of civility and accountability
    * Value the inclusion of all community members
    * Inform a trusted adult of serious violations of school rules


    * Take responsibility for learning: develop good study skills, come to school, and be prepared to learn
    * Acquire a strong academic foundation
    * Develop an enthusiasm for life-long learning and pursuit of knowledge
    * Strive for academic excellence through risk taking and consistent effort
    * Understand the link between effort and achievement
    * Acquire basic skills important to future learning
    * Develop the habit of critical thinking and intellectual curiosity
    * Develop the desire to learn more and challenge oneself
    * Develop the confidence to strive for one's personal best