NSHS Core Values

  • Newton South High School has four core values:

    • Choose Kindness
    • Listen First
    • Show Respect
    • Take Responsibility

    Newton South High School, a community of students, parents, faculty, and staff,

    • Is dedicated to equality and opportunity for all
    • Expects integrity; responsibility; and respect for self, others, and the environment
    • Creates a climate of safety and kindness
    • Encourages communication and personal connections
    • Nurtures curiosity, creativity, and a passion for learning
    • Fosters self-confidence and success for all learners

    After four years at Newton South, a student is expected to:

    • Develop empathy and respect for human differences while recognizing common elements of the human experience.
    • Develop self-confidence through active participation in learning.
    • Work collaboratively, considerately, and effectively with others.
    • Understand and exercise rights and responsibilities within the school community.
    • Communicate in clear and appropriate language, orally and in writing.
    • Master the literacy skills needed to interpret and apply information across disciplines.
    • Master the mathematical skills necessary to interpret and apply information across disciplines.
    • Develop critical thinking skills.
    • Develop effective organizational skills.
    • Develop skills in creative expression.
    • Develop the habits of a healthy lifestyle.
    • Explore opportunities for post-secondary endeavors with an adult member of the community.