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    The Lincoln-Eliot School is a Kindergarten through grade 5 elementary school with an enrollment of about 380 students. It is located in the village of Nonantum, one of the thirteen villages in the city of Newton, Massachusetts. Newton is about eight miles west of Boston on the Charles River.

    Many programs are offered in the school. In addition to classroom teachers, other professionals include an art teacher, music teacher, library teacher and instructional technology specialist, physical education teacher, social worker, psychologist, speech and language therapist, a literacy specialist, and a math specialist . Students who need support learning English are taught by an English Language Learner (ELL) teacher. The special education program services students with individual educational plans (IEPs). Special needs children are served by the special education program.  Title 1 also offers small group support in reading and math.

    Each child is encouraged by the staff to do his or her best academically and to develop self-esteem and independence. Both at home and at school students are asked to follow the four core values of the school:

    1. Respect and appreciate themselves, human differences, the community and the environment.
    2. Strive for academic excellence through risk taking and consistent effort.
    3. Develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.
    4. Assume responsibility for one's own actions.