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First Friday Letter

  • May 20, 2020

    Dear Brown Middle School Families,

    Student Belongings in Lockers/Returning Library Books

    We are making plans to return students' locker belongings to parents during the month of June.  Using the homebase teachers' locker lists, we will work with our custodians to identify and open lockers. The contents will be bagged and labeled.  We plan to create an on-line sign-up to arrange a pick-up time by homebase. Specific dates have not yet been set for this pick-up.  If you do not want any of the items left in your child’s locker, please indicate so on the sign-up form when it is posted.

    We will have a “curbside pick-up” in the circular driveway near the flagpole at the main entrance. 

    1. You will need to remain in your vehicle during the pick-up. 
    2. Please have your child’s last name and homebase room number displayed in the front windshield. 
    3. We will deliver bagged belongings to your vehicle as you come up the Brown circular driveway.
    4. Please stop your car and pop open your door or trunk.

    There will also be a designated drop-off location on the walkway by the patio in front of the cafeteria to return any textbooks or library books from home.

    We will send out a detailed time/date sign-up next week.

    Thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time. 

    Eighth Grade Moving-On Ceremony

    We have partnered with GradCaster to create an engaging virtual celebration for our Eighth Grade Moving-On Ceremony, which will be broadcast on June 18th (time to be determined).  It is important we recognize and honor what our 8th graders have worked hard for. Although we may be separated by distance on this special day, we can still celebrate the moment together at the same time. The virtual celebration will be streamed online, allowing friends and family from around the world to celebrate with our students. We will share streaming details, as we get closer to June 18th.

    GradCaster has also developed technology that allows our 8th graders to self-record a video clip of themselves. These clips will be shown as students are recognized during the ceremony.

     Best regards,