Welcome to Oak Hill Middle School

  • Principal's Message

    October 30th, 2018
    Dear Oak Hill Families,

    Here below are some important reminders for the next few days:

    Tomorrow: Guidelines for Halloween
    The Kindness Ambassadors are sponsoring a special fundraiser tomorrow, October 31 by asking faculty and students to donate $1 in order to wear a costume to school tomorrow. Donations will go to the Kindness Ambassador Club to support creating a welcoming, inclusive school environment for all students including providing holiday support for families in need.

    Halloween Costumes must comply with the school dress code and these guidelines:
    ● No masks, face paint or other facial coverings
    ● No replica weapons ● No inappropriate language
    ● No offensive or insensitive costumes

    If you have a question about the appropriateness of a costume, please feel free to have your child check with an administrator when they arrive to school in the morning.

    Early Release Day, this Thursday!
    ● Our second early-release of the year is this Thursday, November 1. Students will be dismissed at 11:30am.
    ● We will continue a “Grab and Go” lunch offering for this early release day. If your child would like to eat a school lunch, they will have an opportunity to stop by the cafeteria to get it on their way out of school.

    Student Pick-up Parking
    Thursday, Brown and Oak Hill will be dismissed at the same time at 11:30am. There will be over 15 school busses that will be pulling in between the two schools at the same time. For the safety of all students, please follow these basic guidelines:
    ● Please do not try to stop and pick up in the rotary or curbs next to the school that are not blue zones.
    ● Consider arranging with your child to pick up toward the end of Wheeler near Parker (beyond the Oak Hill softball field) to reduce the congestion near
       Oak Hill. It will be faster and safer.
    ● My administrative team and I along with NPS Police will be out Thursday. Thank you for your effort to be patient and safe during Early Release Day

    Bus Passes:
    Over the past two weeks, we have conducted bus pass checks. Passes are checked regularly at all schools so that the bus driver can concentrate on safe driving practices and timely adherence to the bus routes. All students who wish to ride the bus must obtain a bus pass, and they should have their passes with them every day. Students in grade six who live more than 2.0 miles from their school do not have to pay a fee, but all students must still obtain a bus pass. The bus pass fee is $350 per student with a family cap of $700. Families may apply for a fee waiver based on financial hardship.

    We will continue to check bus passes, and any future check may result in students without passes being asked to find alternate forms of transportation. You can find a bus fee FAQ here, and the bus pass application can be found here. Questions about transportation can be sent to

    Lost and Found:
    We have accumulated over 3 dozen fleece jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts etc this fall. We will be donating these unclaimed clothing to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters if they are not picked up by the end of school next Wednesday, November 7.

    Calendars to Help You Stay Organized:


    John Harutunian,