Elementary Early Morning Program

  • Elementary Early Morning Program

    Starting September 11, 2018, Newton Public Schools will again be offering the Early Morning Program for students in Grades K through 5 in each of the elementary schools. The program is designed to provide a needed service by giving parents the opportunity to bring their children to school prior to the beginning of the regularly scheduled school day. Within the program, each elementary school will offer supervised before school care from 7:30 a.m. until 8:25 a.m. when students are admitted to their classrooms.

    Program Cost and Payment Information

    The cost of the program is $211.20 per semester for each weekday chosen, based on a fee of $12.00 per day. The program is divided into two semesters. The first semester runs September 11, 2018 through January 25, 2019. The second semester runs from January 28, 2019 through the last day of school, currently scheduled for June 24, 2019. If snow days cause the last day of school to be after June 24, 2019, the program will run on those days. Payment for semester one is due August 21, 2018. Payment for semester two is due by January 11, 2019. If you know your student will be attending both semesters you may send payment for both semesters at once.  You will not receive a bill for the second semester, please remember to pay promptly.

    On the Application Form you will find a chart with the cost of the program per semester. Please check off all days that apply. You may choose a single day of the week, multiple days, or all of the days of the week. It is important to note that once you have chosen your days, you may not change them without the consent of the program administrator.


    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Who is eligible to sign up for the program?
    Any child registered at any Newton Public elementary school may apply to attend this program. The number of slots available will depend upon securing adequate staffing for the program. To assist us in providing this service to our families, please apply by the deadline specified.

    What are the hours?
    You may drop your child off at 7:30 a.m. at his or her respective elementary school. At 8:25 a.m., he or she will be brought to their regularly scheduled class.

    What is the cost?
    The cost of the program is $211.20 per semester for each weekday chosen. This is based on a fee of $12.00 per hour multiplied by 176 days (the number of days the program will run), divided by 5 (cost per weekday), and divided by 2 (cost per semester).

    Is financial assistance available?
    Yes; all waiver requests must include an Early Morning Program Financial Assistance Application. The form is available online, by clicking here, or you may call 617-559-9025 to request a hard copy. The Assistant Superintendent/Chief  Financial and Administrative Officer will review all applications and determine eligibility.

    Can my child attend the morning program at a different elementary school than the school they attend for class?
    No. There will be no transportation available to take the children from one school to the other.

    How many days do I have to sign up for?
    You may sign up for a single day of the week, or as many days as you’d like. However, the days are not transferable and your child will only be allowed to attend the program on the days for which you pre-registered.

    Why must I sign up in the summer?
    Staffing for this program is contingent upon the number of children we will have attending. Accurate numbers are necessary in advance to insure a proper staff to student ratio from the onset of this program. If the deadline has passed and you still wish to enroll, please contact the program administrator at 617-559-9025.

    May I sign up for a single semester?
    Yes. You may sign up for the first semester, the second semester, or both. However, you must state on the form which semester(s) you are enrolling in.

    Will I need to sign up again in January 2019 if I want to continue?
    No. There will be one registration and two payments per year. Payment will be collected at the beginning of each semester. Payment for semester one is due August 21, 2018. Payment for semester two is due by January 11, 2019 in order for your student to remain eligible for continued admittance in this program. If you did not enroll your student in the first semester, and wish to enroll your student for the second semester, please call the Business Office at 617-559-9025.

    If I do not sign up for the program in advance, may I drop my student off on sporadic days when assistance is needed?

    No. There will be no one available to collect a daily fee, and we cannot guarantee the program will be properly staffed for additional children who are unregistered. If circumstances arise mid-semester where weekly early morning care becomes necessary, please contact the Department of Business and Finance. If space remains at your child’s school, it is possible that your student can be added after the program has begun for a prorated fee. This is strictly subject to availability and the discretion of the program administrator.

    What if there is a delayed start?
    The program will not operate on days with a delayed start due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. The delayed start is designed to give the city time to prepare the schools. There will be no refunds for delayed starts.

    Will I receive a refund if there is a snow day?
    No, there will be no refunds. However, if snow days cause the last day of school to be after June 24, 2019, the program will run on those days with no additional charge.

    Will breakfast be available?
    Breakfast will not be provided, but your child is welcome to bring a small snack to eat.

    Who will be watching my child?
    The program will be staffed by trained Newton Public Schools personnel.

    What will my child be doing for the duration of this program?
    Depending on the age of your child and the school they attend, students will spend their time reading, playing games, doing homework, or working with staff members on a variety of other projects.

    Can I register and pay on-line?
    You may pay online using your checking account or by MasterCard and Discover. It is free to pay by electronic check. There is a convenience fee for online credit card payments from your credit card service provider. Please follow the link below.

    Who can I speak with if I have further questions?
    Please contact the Department of Business, Finance & Planning at 617-559-9025.


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