Our District At a Glance

  • Newton Public Schools 

    15 elementary schools (K-5)
    4 middle schools (6-8)
    2 high schools (9-12) and 2 alternative high school programs
    Integrated preschool program (ages 3-5)
    Total Enrollment: 12,657 students (this number includes METCO students, but does not include preschool students)
    METCO Program Enrollment: 428 students
    Preschool Enrollment: 195 students

    Average Class Size (2016-2017)
    Elementary: 20.7
    Middle: 21.2
    High School (for five academic areas): 22.0

    Fast Facts on Enrollment and Growth
    • This is the twelfth consecutive year of net growth with 1,389 students added from 2004 to 2016.
    • An additional 320 students are anticipated over the next five years.
    • Read the complete Enrollment Report.
    Student Demographics
     FY17 Table
    FY17 Chart