Our Schools

  • There are 12,611 students (October 2019) enrolled in fifteen elementary schools (K-5), four middle schools (6-8), two comprehensive high schools (9-12), and two alternative high school programs. In addition, our integrated preschool program serves 184 students (October 2019). Over 70 different languages are spoken within the student/parent population. The Newton school district belongs to the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO), a state-funded voluntary educational desegregation program enrolling over 400 Boston students in Newton schools. Newton is also a Member of the Education Collaborative for Greater Boston (EDCO), which includes 17 urban and suburban communities.  


Programming Highlights


  • Elementary Literacy Specialists
    K-5 Teaching & Learning Specialists and math coaches 
    Curriculum Leaders, K-12, including department chairs and curriculum coordinators, K-8
    Academic Success Program Learning Center Teachers, Inclusion Facilitators, and specialists to support special needs students
    Substantially separate classroom programs for students with special needs
    Job-Embedded Professional Development Program Opportunities

    Newton Teacher Training Institute (NTTI) Licensure Program affiliated with Tufts University