Understanding Our Differences

  • Understanding Our Differences (UOD) is a nationally recognized, , award-winning program that uses a hands-on, participatory curriculum to foster respect, acceptance, and compassion for people of all abilities in elementary schools and communities at large.

    The UOD approach is grounded in the belief that children are naturally curious about differences, and that accurate information can be the difference between acceptance and discrimination.

    The program consists of seven different units covering a range of physical, sensory and developmental disabilities and is designed to seamlessly fit into a typical 3rd to 5th grade curriculum. The UOD program is usually taught by trained, volunteer instructors.

    The staff, Board of Directors and teams of educators, health professionals, representatives of disability organizations, people with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities continually review the program materials to ensure medical accuracy, state-of-the-art technology, and a clear anti-bullying message that promotes inclusion.

    How Understanding Our Differences Benefits Children

    Children learn to be more inclusive and friendly;

    Children become more accepting and allies of those with disabilities;

    Children with disabilities and their siblings are less likely to be bullied, teased or isolated;

    Children meet and learn from individuals with disabilities;

    Children become more comfortable around people with all kinds of disabilities.


    To learn more about our program, visit our website at www.understandingourdifferences.org

     To become a Volunteer for our program, email Jennifer_Acosta@newton.k12.ma.us

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