• The Springboard Program's mission is to deliver a standards-based, regular education curriculum in a therapeutic environment that supports at risk students.


  • Springboard is a small self-contained program designed to support students in transition due to emotional, social and/or environmental stressors. The program provides structure in a safe and nurturing environment with small classes. It allows Newton's high school students a place to monitor their stress and adjust to the demands of schoolwork. Located offsite in the Education Center, Springboard offers an alternative for 9th-12th graders who require additional support, supervision and guidance.
    Students transition to Springboard from schools, hospitals, day treatment, rehabilitation programs and home instruction. The program is designed to meet each students' individual educational goal while supporting their emotional well-being in a therapeutic setting. Teachers monitor learning needs and pace to deliver instruction tailored to each student's particular needs. The program offers classes in English, history, math, science, art and physical education. Students are able to take some courses at their respective high school with transportation provided. Although Springboard is a regular education program, we assist students who require special education services or have a 504 accommodation plan. 
    Individual and group counseling is provided for all Springboard students. Springboard clinicians communicate with outside agencies servicing students to facilitate comprehensive and unified support. Springboard staff collaborates with guidance counselors, deans, psychologists, and special and/or general education teachers at the high schools to maintain vital communication between students and their high schools. 



Contact Information & Hours

  • Sarah Maxwell, Director
    Education Center
    100 Walnut Street
    Newton, MA 02460
    617-559-6041 (phone)
    8:00 am - 2:00 pm