Mission of the Newton Public Schools

  • To educate, prepare, and inspire all students to achieve their full potential as lifelong learners, thinkers, and productive contributors to our global society.

Core Values

  • The following Core Values are guiding principles for the Newton Public Schools (NPS). These values represent how we want to “live” within our school communities. Core Values are for children and adults to embrace, internalize, model and live by. They are an expression of what is deep and enduring in our school system.

    Excellence: We will

    • Set high expectations and standards for all students and staff
    • Educate the whole child by striving for excellence in academic, artistic, physical, interpersonal and vocational pursuits
    • Inspire a lifelong love of learning in students and staff

    Innovation: We will

    • Be a recognized leader in education and curriculum development
    • Foster inventiveness, open-mindedness, critical thinking, creativity and collaborative problem-solving in our students and staff
    • Continuously assess and improve our teaching and learning

    Respect: We will

    • Create an environment where everyone feels known, safe, and valued
    • Recognize the uniqueness and dignity of individuals of differing races, religions, classes, ethnicities, sexual orientations, learning styles and abilities (Statement of Values and Commitment to Racial Equity)
    • Build upon the strengths of our diverse community

    Responsibility: We will

    • Foster an environment in which all students and adults take responsibility for their individual and collective behavior
    • Create a culture of collaboration, collegiality and honest communication
    • Cultivate citizens who contribute to and care about their community and the world 

Systemwide Goals

  • Each year, the district identifies goals for the school year. These goals are developed by the superintendent and reviewed by the School Committee. Below you will find the systemwide goals approved by the School Committee for the 2022-23 school year.