NNHS Student Activities

  • One of the pieces that creates a strong school community is connecting peers with shared interests. Here at NNHS we have a large offering of clubs for all varieties of interests.You can view club offerings for the 23-24 school year in the Club List.  

    Our general policy is that NNHS clubs and organizations welcome all students at Newton North.  Clubs are run by students and supervised by faculty.  Student officers and advisers work together to plan and carry out activities and projects of interest to the club members. Officers run the clubs, making sure that all members feel valued.  Officers and advisers keep each other informed about activities.  Advisers keep the administration informed about projects.

    The Club Coordinator for this year is Ms Yixing (Star) Lew. The role consists of the following: 

    • Organize Club Day during the first few weeks of school in the fall
    • Scheduling of in-school fund-raising events
    • Secure approval of new clubs
    • Register new clubs
    • Maintain a list of clubs, officers and advisers
    • Meet periodically to hear from representatives of the school’s clubs and organizations
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