Mission Statement

  • The Newton North High School community believes that learning sustains the human spirit.

    We strive for excellence in academic, vocational, athletic and artistic endeavors. We celebrate the dignity of all people, teach and learn to the depth and distance of our abilities, take responsibility for our actions and conduct ourselves with integrity and civility.

    Recognizing that we are a small world within a much larger one, we create opportunities for open-minded, honest communication about the broad range of human experience to foster social awareness, generosity and compassion.

    Newton North High School provides all members of the community with the opportunity and freedom to discover and reach their potential as individuals while taking responsibility for the common good.

    Academic Expectations 

    Newton North graduates will:

    1. be aware of their own learning styles, including their relative strengths and weaknesses, and demonstrate the ability to state goals and pursue them
    2. read actively, critically and deeply
    3. pose articulate questions and use appropriate and effective research methods and technologies
    4. demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills
    5. analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information to draw conclusions
    6. articulate ideas, feelings, and opinions through a variety of media
    7. appreciate and participate in the fine, applied, and performing arts
    8.  show curiosity about the world and an understanding of different cultural practices and perspectives
    9. communicate effectively within and across cultures.


    Civic Expectations 

    Newton North graduates will:

    1. take responsibility for their own actions
    2. contribute positively to the school and larger community
    3. understand the rights and responsibilities of a citizen in a democratic society and be thoughtful, reflective, active citizens.


    Social Expectations

    Newton North graduates will:

    1. treat others respectfully
    2. show self respect and self-advocacy.