• A decision important to the life of our school was reached in the fall of 1991. We as a collective body of parents and faculty decided to articulate what we believe are our commonly held values. It is these core values which define us as a school community. They state what qualities we believe are important to develop in our children and ourselves. Although our core values are stated in terms of our expectations for students, an underlying assumption is that we as adults live the values as well.


  • Students should:
    • Be open, honest and clear communicators
    • Strive to improve their verbal and written skills
    • Be active listeners
    • Share ideas and opinions that are intended to help fellow students
    • Use a tone of voice that conveys respect for the listener 


  • Students should:
    • Learn to set both short and long term academic and social goals
    • Reach for goals that exceed the boundaries of their comfort zone
    • Strive for excellence in all school endeavors
    • Recognize and celebrate the achievements of themselves and their peers


  • Students should:
    • Value human differences
    • Demonstrate consideration for the thoughts and feelings of others
    • Help each other overcome obstacles to learning
    • Show respect for themselves, each other, teaching and learning, and property
    • Be respectful and responsible human beings who can contribute to the larger world


  • Students should:
    • Consistently put their best effort forward
    • Challenge themselves to take risks even when there is chance of failure
    • Engage families, teachers, and fellow students as partners in the learning process