• Horace Mann currently has a student population of about 409 students, with families coming from all different backgrounds, representing over 25 different countries. We take pride in the diversity of our community, and are committed to excellence for all of our students. We work hard every day to help children feel welcome and connect and to acquire skills and knowledge that will allow them to become confident, responsible, and successful citizens.


    Mark Nardelli



    Horace Mann Values


    Be Proud of Who You Are and Accepting of Others

    • Be open to new things (like foods or traditions).

    • Share something you are good at or proud of.

    • Be welcoming to all.

    • Invite a new friend to play.


    Be Safe

    • Walk in the halls.

    • Climb ladders instead of slides.

    • Look both ways before you cross the street.


    Be Responsible for Your Actions and Words

    • Listen to teacher directions.

    • Apologize when you hurt someone’s feelings.

    • Admit when you make a mistake.

    • Do your assigned classroom job.


    Be Respectful of One Another and Our School

    • Use kind words.

    • Clean up after you play a game.

    • Show compassion for a friend who seems upset.

    • Say please and thank you.


    Be a Lifelong Learner

    • Be curious and ask questions.

    • Work hard.

    • Try new things.

    • Ask for help when you get stuck.

    • Make mistakes and learn from them.

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