General Information

School Hours

  • Students are allowed to enter the school building at 8:10 AM. Students should arrive at school as close to 8:10 AM as possible, unless invited by a teacher. There is no supervision of students prior to 8:10 AM. All students are expected to be in the classroom and ready to begin instruction by 8:20 AM every day.

    Students are dismissed at 12:20 PM on Wednesday and 2:50 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and most Thursdays. There are some early release Thursdays throughout the school year for which all students are dismissed at 12:10 PM.

    Early release times/dates Elementary: 12:10 PM  10/7, 11/2, 12/9, 2/3, 3/24 and 5/12

    Pleaseward flag visit Newton School calendars for a list of early release dates and to view the annual school calendars.

Absences and Tardiness - Childwatch

  • If your child is going to be late or absent, you must call the school's Childwatch Line, 617.559.6470. The Call Back program also serves as a safety net for children who walk to school or wait at a bus stop without adult supervision. Its success depends on parent participation. After a recording, leave the child's name, day and date of absence, and teacher’s name. You may call the day before or prior to 8:25 AM on the day of absence.

Early Dismissal

  • If you wish to have your child dismissed before the normal end of the day, please write a note to your child's teacher or to the office stating the time of dismissal. When you arrive at school to pick up your child, please come to the office and tell the school secretary. Your child will be called down to the office and asked to sign the early dismissal form. DO NOT go to the classroom to get your child. By having your child called to the office, we will be able to keep accurate records of dismissal, provide a safer environment for all students, and minimize disruptions to learning.

Vacations/Extended Absences

  • As you decide on vacation time for your family, it is important that you make every effort to see that the vacation does not conflict with school time. Children's attendance at school makes a real difference in their achievement and in their attitude toward learning. If you do plan a vacation during school time, please realize that time constraints make it impossible to prepare individual work packets for each child. We do, however, encourage students to read daily and to keep a journal including writing, sketches, and photos describing their observations, thoughts, and new things they learned on the trip.