• School Hours

    • Monday: 8:10am-2:50pm
    • Tuesday: 8:10am-2:50pm
    • Thursday: 8:10am-2:50pm
    • Friday: 8:10am-2:50pm

    • Wednesday: 8:10am-12:20pm
  • arrival and dismissal yellow school bus

  • Arrival

    Children gather on the plaza and wait for the bell to ring at 8:10am.  Parents may wait with their children or may say good-bye before the bell rings and children may wait on their own.  This is a personal decision; whatever works for you and your child is perfect.  It is also a nice time for parents and children to socialize.

    Children riding the buses exit when they arrive at Angier at 8:05am. The children wait on the main plaza for the first bell to ring. Though short, it is a lovely time for children to play and to get to know each other.

    At 8:10 administrators and staff members hold the main doors open as we welcome the children to school.  Children enter and go directly to their classrooms. There are always extra adults on sight to assist any child to their classroom. 

    We kindly request parents not accompany their children to the classrooms.  We have discovered over the past few years that children even as young as five can be independent and responsible.  We also discovered that by starting the Morning Meeting promptly at 8:20 we gain twenty minutes of learning time each day, which makes a difference in your child’s academic life.  With your help, the school can maintain the goal of starting Morning Meeting each day at 8:20am by having all children present.  


    Each afternoon, teachers escort their classes outside and wait until all children are safely dismissed.  Children who attend the Angier Afterschool Program are dropped off at the cafeteria. Children who ride the bus, leave their teacher, walk to the bus where other staff members greet them.  Each child is checked off a list from School Pass.  If there is any discrepancy, we check in with the office, the teacher or the parent.  This holds-up the dismissal process and causes the bus to leave Angier late.  It is extremely important that each parent uses School Pass for your child’s usual dismissal schedule and for making any changes.  If you are experiencing any difficulty, please call the office. Claudia Rossi will happily guide you through the system. 


    While we love our canine friends, dogs are not permitted on school grounds during the school day. The policy is in place to protect children with allergies to and fears about dogs. School grounds refer to all grassy areas around the school as well as the pathways, playgrounds and parking lots surrounding the building. It does not refer to the public sidewalks. Dogs should not be left unattended. Dog owners should remain with their dogs at all times. Please do not tie up your dog along the fence or on a tree along the sidewalk. This can cause a barrier for a child trying to walk along the sidewalk. Thank you for your cooperation.