School Hours and Dismissal

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    School Hours


    The start of the school day begins at 8:20 with the first bell.  Children may enter the school at that time.  Those who arrive earlier must wait outside with their parents or guardians until the bell rings at 8:20.  Classes begin at 8:25.  Children arriving at 8:35 are considered late and must sign in at the office.  Children who go to the Early Morning Drop Off Program can be buzzed in starting at 7:30.

    Normal Dismissal times:


    Through the last week of September: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday daily dismissal at 12:30pm

    Effective the first week in October (The final group list will be sent home in the summer):

    Group A:
    I.  Monday and Wednesday dismissal at 3pm / II.  Thursday and Friday dismissal at 12:30pm

    Group B:
    I.  Monday and Wednesday dismissal at 12:30pm / II.  Thursday and Friday dismissal at 3pm

    Grades 1-5:

    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday dismissal at 3pm.  All school dismissal is at 12:30pm on every Tuesday.  There are also six (6) scheduled Early Release Thursdays during the school year, when all students will be dismissed at 12:30pm (see Calendar). 

    Teachers will release Kindergarten students to designated adults who should wait outside the front door.  All Kindergarten students who ride the bus must be met by an adult at their bus stop. 
    Children in grades 1 through 5 are escorted outside to meet their parent or guardian, or to begin their walk home. Parents should not come into the school building.  They should wait in front of the building for their children in order to allow for a smooth and efficient dismissal process.  Each classroom teacher has a designated meeting space for pickup outside the school building.  Children are expected to leave school grounds upon dismissal unless attending the After School program, although children who are accompanied by their parents may stay in the playground after dismissal.

    Parents are expected to pick up children inside the school on days of inclement weather.  A "duck" flag outside the main entrance doors will signal when parents are invited inside the school during dismissal time.  Parents then pick up their child at their classroom.

    Parents who use LIVE PARKING to pick up their children at dismissal time must obey the Traffic Safety rules.  These regulations are very important to ensure the safety of all children.  The staff parking lot is not available to parents, as vans must enter this area and student cross the entrance heading home.

    Early Dismissal - Safe Dismissal Program

    If you need to have your child dismissed early, you must write a note to your child's teacher giving the date and requested time of departure.  Your child will be waiting for you in the school office, where you will make an entry on the Sign-Out Log.  As part of Angier's Safe Dismissal Program, the school will not release children during the school day except to a parent or another adult designated by the parent in writing, or by a call to the office.  The school cannot release your child to another parent or adult unless we have a note.  A release form is available in the office and is sent home to parents in the fall.