Schoolwide Programs

  • Interdisciplinary (ID) Studies

    Problem solver, creator, and innovator - this is the type of student that will thrive in ID programs. Interdisciplinary Studies programs are built on collaboration, respect, and innovation. Collaboration is key to developing 21st century skills. Whether online or in person, a collaborative spirit is a basic foundation of inter- disciplinary work. Collaborative and creative individuals seek to encourage deep thinking and relevant learning. Respect for diverse groups and learning styles is also a building block for collaboration. The basic foundation is that everyone can learn and contribute to the community. Thus, ID classes are taught at multiple curriculum levels (Honors, ACP, CP) in a differentiated environment. ID classes strive for innovation, which comes from deep thinking about major challenges to human existence. From subatomic particles to climate change - innovation is going to be required to solve the most pressing problems of human society. From sustainable agriculture to aquatic biodiversity, humans must make choices that matter. ID programs also offer a smaller learning community experience. Diverse instruction requires smaller class sizes. Small learning communities support each other and encourage growth through a challenging curriculum.

  • Services

  • Student Supports

    There are a number of supports, both academic, and social and emotional, that are available to all students.