• Angier Within the Newton Public Schools

    Angier School is one of 15 elementary schools in Newton, with an enrollment of approximately 500 students in grades K-5. After grade 5, Angier students attend Brown Middle School for grades 6-8, and then Newton South High School.

    The schools are administered by the Newton Public Schools, under the direction of the Newton School Committee. The administrative office is located in the Education Center, 100 Walnut Street, Newtonville. The Education Center, in conjunction with school administration and teachers, coordinates educational programs and services for the schools; develops curricula and resources; tests and evaluates; formulates and administers a budget for the system; and provides support services.

    The School Committee sets policies; decides on an operating budget; maintains school buildings; appoints the Superintendent; and, with the Superintendent’s and the administration’s recommendations, hires the teaching staff and employees. The eight members of the School Committee, one from each ward, are elected at large and serve for a maximum of four consecutive two-year terms. The Mayor is the ninth voting member, ex officio. Under Proposition 2½, the School Committee no longer has sole control over the school budget. The Mayor and Board of Aldermen set the amount available to the schools and make final approval of costs and capital expenditures.

    Individual schools strive to meet the particular needs of the communities they serve and fulfill the mandates of this highly regarded school system. The PTO Council's Equity Committee has developed guidelines and recommendations to ensure that all students in the system have equal access to educational opportunities and technologies, no matter which school they attend. Schools and PTOs are encouraged to use their cooperative spirit and actions to advance the shared educational goals of the entire school system.

    Each school receives an allocation for its operating budget which is based on the number of students enrolled in the building. The principal, in consultation with the School Council, is free to determine how the school budget will be spent. Every three years, the principal and staff, with input from the PTO and the School Council, prepare a School Improvement Plan. The school budget reflects the priorities outlined in the School Improvement Plan.